About My Dimension Media

My Dimension Media is an online resource for enthusiasts of various disciplines and interests.  Offering a full portal and community in various fields, Dimension Media creates the opportunity for enthusiast, professionals and anybody to not only get in touch with topics of their choice but also with other like-minded individuals.

For you the viewer

This is all about enjoying the things you enjoy and sharing these world-wide.  The whole concept started with Aviation Dimension and the impact of what this resource offered to people in the aviation industry and leisure sector.

Interested in planes, trains, automobiles, base jumping, sky diving…the list goes on and on…well then, My Dimension Media is your home for enjoying, sharing and growing in the fields which you enjoy.

So go ahead, join our family and share and enjoy sharing your passion, hobbies and careers with people like you all over the world.  Just choose your field of interest from the home page links and open-up a whole new world.

My Dimension Media; Sharing the world with the world.

For the advertiser

My Dimension Media is a world-wide resource offering a niche’ market exposure to businesses which are of interest to our community in the provided fields of interest.  Why?  Well if we’re interested in mountain climbing, we’d like to know where to find suitable ropes.  Our diversified field of interests requires inputs from all industries related to these topics.  Why not take a look at the advertising page?


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